Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Learn A Language Online Free

Mango beta is an online enterprise-level language learning system freely available to everyone. Learn at your own pace with a suite of features that make language learning more engaging and fun. Try it at

Livemocha is the social way to learn a language. It is the first-of-its-kind online language-learning community with fun interactive lessons that are self-paced. The best part is it is free! Check it out at


Anonymous said...

I’m due to finish university in a year or so and am considering going backpacking across Asia, iv heard the countryside is beautiful and the people are so spiritual I think it could be an amazing opportunity to see the world. However I can only speak English and basic French, does anybody know if I would need to learn Thai? Another problem is how to go about learning the Thai language, or any other language that I would need! Is there any good language learning software available that’s pretty cheap?

Prudence Fallon said...

Check out

They may some good resources for you.

I have also heard that Rosetta Stone is a good language learning software and they do have lessons in Thai. You can have a three month subscription online for $109.95, or if that is too expensive maybe there are libraries that will let you take out the software. You can also get a 6 month subscription or by the software to learn at your own pace for $209.00.