Wednesday, September 12, 2007

New Search Engine Tool

Intelways is a fast and convenient one-stop search tool to search for just about anything on the web. It is a comprehensive set of search channels organized into different categories. You can easily find web content and information in different formats, topics and media types, by retrieving results from multiple online providers and search engines.

You type your search question and select any one of the search tools and the results appear in a frame below the search boxes. The Intelways menu remains at the top of the screen as you scroll through your searchresults, and can switch from one search engine to another. The selection includes several Google search indexes, Wikipedia, several multimedia search engines, social bookmarking sites, and even Amazon and eBay. There are also categories of tools for general searching, images, video, news, searching by file type, and reference sources.

Intelways also has a country-specific filter, currently for 11 countries.

Please try out this useful site where you can find most search engines all in one place.

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